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About Us

My Name is Rick Lance and making stuff  better, stronger and faster is my passion.  Every since I could walk I've been hot rodding anything and everything I could get my hands on   I've learned a lot over the years and I'm excited to be in position to pass on my years of experience to our community.  After many years of owning a chassis shop an accident forced me to slow down.  Well, just a little :).  I decided to get more in to the manufacturing end of things and  re-opened ProFab Performance with one goal in mind, Total Performance for the Duramax engine. I'm very dedicated to what I do.  I'm concerned about my customers and I truly want my products to work for each and every one of you.

Let me know if I can help in any way.

Rick Lance

Due to California State law Profab Performance Products are not for sale or use in California. 

Due to software limitations our online ordering system is unable to exclude orders originating in the state of California. Our system will currently accept orders and take payments from California addresses but those orders will not be shipped.  All orders are fulfilled manually and our staff has been instructed to cancel and refund any order with a California billing or shipping address.  There are no exceptions to this rule so please don't ask or place orders.