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I would like to take time to comment about Rick Lance and my entire Pro Fab experience.  First of all I was looking for a product that would help my with exhaust gas temperatures (EGT) that on a heavy load were playing havoc on my fuel injection.  Knowing little to nothing about diesel engines other than they haul the load, I looked around.  My looking brought me back to Pro Fab primarily because Rick would answer my question and recommend products.

I changed out the EGR tube and installed a 04.5 - 05 LLY EGR Delete tube and EGR blocking plate.  I immediately had an decrease in the  spooling for the turbo.  Initially, the truck blew a considerable amount of white smoke, which was part of my original problem.  This stopped in 5 seconds.  I believe that some anti-freeze got mixed in the air passages and needed to be burned off.  I took the truck 10 miles out of a mountain town in Colorado to a non-cop infested road.  I accidently made a 2 wheel burn out of 30 feet simply by smashing down the gas (diesel) pedal.  My friends in town said that they could hear the truck “rocket” down the road. 

Since then, I’ve hit several 12,000 to 13,000 foot passes and the truck knows no limit, does smoke, does not suffer from any EGT ailments, one can hear the whine of the turbo indicating the rocket effect my friend told me about, and just plain runs better than expected.

My hat off to Rick Lance and Pro Fab, I will be purchasing several of his other products soon.

2004 LLY with 175,000 miles – Gary John


Thanks for the help with deciding how to ship the downpipe in the time frame I had. Everything turned out awesome, The Exhaust manifolds, Up-pipes and downpipes installed easily.On the down pipe I removed the old and installed the new through the top. It was actually really easy to do it this way. The truck feels stronger in the low and mid range. Next week I will find out how it tows when we go camping. Thanks for the great products.



thank you made a huge difference in drive ability and easy to install with right tools love the product will be coming back for down pipe and up pipes thanks

- tydugan123


Just wanted to write a quick note to tell you I received the downpipe today and installed it in record time.  I had already had another brand on that broke, but let me tell you this one is top notch.  Fits much better and the quality is outstanding.  I will rave about your product from now on.  Look forward to hearing from me again.  I already see something else I want.



Would like to let you know it fit great and everything is performing perfectly.
I previously installed the  ******** EGR delete tube and the bolt pattern did not
Line up and it would vibrate loose.



I have been running the raceflow headers & up-pipes from Rick for about 3wks. I have noticed an improvement in spool-up and definitely some improvement in the upper rpm range. I have been trying progressively bigger fuel tunes so I can not give a true read on EGTs but my estimation is that I have experienced some modest improvements. My truck sees normal street driving and long road trips regularly. I will have some track times coming up as long as the weather holds out.


Rick's headers are a key ingredient that help my truck pull very strong on the top end. The headers & up-pipes help keep the egts in check. The tig welding that goes into their construction is top notch. Rick is constantly working to improve them (through material and design changes) and make them more affordable. I has been my experience that you will not find a better vendor to deal with. I am relatively new to the diesel hobby but I can appreciate the amount of time & money that the people before me spent to get it to where it is now. It needs more people like Rick who think outside of the box. 


I am now definitely feeling/seeing more part throttle boost so I am satisfied that the exhaust pressure is being put to better use. 


As far as performance I noticed lower drive pressure. SOTP tells me it opened up the top end a decent bit. Next time I make it to the track and/or dyno I'll see for sure what gains I got. 


 The first thing I noticed was the spool up of the stock turbo and my right foot seems to be a bit heavy with Nicks LB7 fun tune since the exhaust improvement.




 Just got the headers put on. It took about 6 hrs. They bolted up with no issues. I gave her a good heat cycle run about 1575 egts. The truck certainly spools faster.




I just re-torqued the header bolts after a week of driving with no issues, all the bolts were tight. These things are really responsive with my GT4094


 I believe the headers and up-pipes have been a big part of our new found power. Thanks for doing the up grades to them, I'll let you know if we get famous!!


So far part throttle feels way better , truck feels real responsive and very little effort/throttle needed and builds boost faster.


I almost forgot , for those wondering about how the latest parts did and which ones made the difference ......................... the headers and modded reg prob made the biggest , you can see from the vid how fast it is spooling , i was launching at 22-28 psi and you can see it does not take long to achieve that plus both are fully lit almost within the first 60 ft from watching the vid .


Since I know the tuning in both trucks, appears that the chargers and headers/up-pipes are the difference, that and the great suspension work on the truck allowing the launching which carries through to the stripe. 



 Also thanks to Rick, I'm sure his up pipes helped my time as well. 



Got the up pipes in the mail today, they are awesome and I can't wait to do some testing at the track. Thanks a lot. Ran an 8.02 at 84 mph last weekend on the 1/8th track, now I just need to see what they will do next month with the up pipes. 

I also took them to my dad who is a welding instructor and he was impressed with them, the machine shop also took a look at them and said the $575 price tag was a pretty good deal considering the cost of materials.


 for anyone interested in these parts............... who ever makes them i will say that spooling was greatly improved with up-pipes and again even more so with the switch to full header . i am getting both chargers litt probably by just after the 60 ft mark now . MPG is up also


 I have now personally seen/installed two sets of your headers and I am personally impressed.


 Hi Rick,

I wanted to let you know I am very pleased with your headers and up pipes.

Very nicely done!



I am very impressed with Nates header set up, I will tell you he is very pleased what you have designed!!!


Hi Rick - just to let you know, I rec'd your package yesterday! Thanks very much and the headers look bad-ass!


"Rick has some experience with this project... so if he's offering assistance, I'd take it." 

X2, his stuff is the best I have personally seen and he knows what he is doing.




They're on and look awesome!



 Just wanted to say thanks for the prompt service :)  The kit was sweet - made the install much more seamless. Thanks!!


Hey rick n here i got my truck all back together and made it back to danville performance july 3rd to have mark dyno it and do dsp5 switch setup, I was amazed at how much difference the headers and up pipes made. The sound change and performance of the headers and up pipes were well the cost. Thanks again Rick!!! Truck did 611hp and 1150 torque.


I have a set of RDL Headers and up pipes ceramic coated, spool up is alot faster and egts come down alot faster and they make the truck sound alot different. The fit and finish is worth every penny. Ceramic coating is holding up very well.


Put the up pipes on today with some heat wrap. They seem to make a huge difference in spool up and add power on the top end as well. I know this is just going by seat of the pants but I'm impressed. I'll be going to the track on saturday to see how much I can improve on the 8.02 with the up pipes being the only difference, too bad I just fueled up yesterday, I had a quarter tank when I ran that time. Thanks for your awesome product.


I'll say, made a big difference for a truck with his combination. Numbers were definitely higher than I expected and I attribute it to the headers for sure. Nice job Rick, they work great!



 The headers/pipes came into GD, I picked them up end of last week. You do beautiful work. Can't wait to start using them.


Do you coat them right there if I wanted or do we have time to mess with that due to time constraints? Thanks for being a stand up guy and I will post praise on DP as such. There are very few men like you left.


 Not to go OT with this thread but Rick Lance is the sh*t. He just got my headers this morning on UPS, they were done by this evening. He is going to coat them and ship them in the morning. You won't find a nicer more stand up guy than RDL. He is man enough to say that there are ways he could of built them different and take care of it. Some places would have said "what kind of egt's are these things seeing?" and given me the run-around. Not Rick. I will send him all of the customers I can.

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